A mentoring programme
for Transition Year students
Leaders build others
What matters is
The Horizon mentoring programme encourages students to develop now the skills and attitudes they will need for their future life challenges.
One Core Skill Workshop Session
One Community Outreach Hour
A 30-Minute Mentoring Session
Each student learns how to grow into a man of character—climbing one step closer to contributing to their family, social and professional environment.

Who runs Horizon?

Horizon is a programme of Brosna Educational Centres Ltd (www.brosna.ie), a registered charity (CHY6329) for the advancement of education and character development.

Horizon is inspired by the message of Opus Dei, a personal prelature of the Catholic Church, which helps people from all walks of life turn their work and daily activities into occasions for growing closer to God, for serving others and for improving society.

You may also read the Horizon Brochure for more information.

1. Core Skill Workshops

The 8 core skill workshops are normally held in the premises of top-performing companies located in Dublin. Speakers are chosen based on their professional experience and expertise in communicating the key professional traits and soft skills students must develop to succeed in the competitive workplace environment.

Innovation and service

How you can improve the world and society


Making deep and genuine friendships


How your decisions today shape your life tomorrow


Motivating others to want to grow, starting with yourself

Embracing challenges

Learning to love difficulties, setbacks and constructive feedback


How to get your ideas across in a way that people will understand


Producing great results amid contrasting personalities

CV & Interviews

The importance of crafting a professional image now for prospective employers

2. Community Outreach

Each student participates in a social project by giving one hour of his time and energy each month to serve others. By working as part of a team to improve the lives of others, the participants are involved in projects that are creating real social change and give them a broader perspective on their place in the world.

Volunteering Abroad
As part of the programme, a group of Horizon participants will have the opportunity to take part in a social project abroad during the summer of 2018.

3. Mentoring

There are 8 mentoring sessions during the Horizon Programme—one  per month. After completing their monthly community outreach hour and core input session, the participant is given questions to reflect on for the mentoring session. During this 30-minute conversation the participant discusses these questions with his mentor, concluding with one or two resolutions to put into practice for the month ahead. In an ongoing way, the mentor helps the student track his progress towards these goals.

Through the mentoring, the student is helped to develop these 3 core traits:

Growth Mindset: you can always become a better version of yourself; openness to constructive feedback and learning from one’s mistakes are crucial attitudes for acquiring a growth mindset.
Ted Talk: The power of believing that you can improve

Grit: to succeed in life, you need to develop passion for your goal and persevere in the small things of each day to achieve it.
Ted Talk: Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Deep work: in a distracted world, you need to develop good habits to focus on the task in front of you.

James Pampillon, Programme Director
James Pampillon

James studied History and Politics at University College Dublin. He currently works in Salesforce as an Enterprise Account Strategist. Previously he worked as business development manager at MJ Flood Technology. As part of that role he spent four months in Amsterdam taking part in the Cisco Sales Academy as a Partner Associate Sales Representative. James has participated in many youth programs and in more recent years has been involved in the running of several youth mentoring programs.

James Pampillon, Programme Director
Jeffrey Egan

Jeffrey attended NUI Galway graduating with a B. Comm degree in 2005 before moving to Dublin to complete an MBS postgraduate qualification in Finance in UCD. Thereafter he worked as a sales professional for several years with both Pearson and McGraw Hill Education providing innovate teaching and learning solutions to universities in the higher education market in Ireland and the UK. He currently works a project manager on various educational and family projects related to Brosna Educational Centres Ltd.

James Pampillon, Programme Director
Ezekiel Mercau

Ezekiel studied History and Politics in UCD, where he also wrote an MA dissertation on the Troubles in Northern Ireland. He then went on to do a PhD on the Falklands War at the University of Copenhagen. He’s currently working as a history researcher in UCD, as well as managing a university residence in Dublin, where he runs a professional mentoring programme for college students.

James Pampillon, Programme Director
Will Dillon

Will studies Classics at Trinity College Dublin. He is currently in his final year of his degree. He is a mentor of of a mentoring programme for university students in Ely University Centre in Dublin.He is fond of high culture, loves having great discussions, and likes photography and sports.

James Pampillon, Programme Director
Ronan O’Farrell

He is one of the founding partners of the Timoney Leadership Institute and became its first CEO in 2015. Graduating in 1994 with a BComm International from UCD, he worked as a Strategic Analyst and then as International Brand Manager with Baileys Irish Cream. In 2000, he became General Manager of the Lismullin Institute set up to promote conferences, seminars and retreats which spark and instill a Christian outlook on work, life and culture. In his time with Lismullin up to 2015, he worked on the Lismullin Leadership Forum and led a major expansion of Lismullin Conference Centre in County Meath, financed through a national fundraising campaign over 15 years.

James Pampillon, Programme Director
David Gibney

David completed his undergraduate studies in history and English literature at Trinity College, Dublin. He gained his PhD from there on approaches to the will in medieval writing. A former Irish Research Council Scholar, he was later appointed a Mayers Fellow at the Huntington Library in California, and is currently engaged in further teaching and research at Trinity. He has many years’ experience tutoring and mentoring school students participating in Trinity College’s Voluntary Tuition Programme.

James Pampillon, Programme Director
Jude Mulligan

Jude is a secondary school teacher, whose subjects include English, Religion, Citizen Leadership and Philosophy. Before taking up teaching full-time, he was the director of Nullamore Youth Club for almost 10 years. He also currently assists in the running of a Mentoring programme for university students in Ely University Centre in Dublin city centre. Jude holds a BA in English and Philosophy from UCD, as well as Masters degrees both in Philosophy and in Human Rights Studies.



Core Skill Workshops: 2nd Wednesday of each month, 7.30-8.30pm
Mentoring Sessions: Coordinate directly with mentor


90 Foster Avenue,
Mount Merrion,
Co. Dublin
Tel: (01) 288 1734
E-mail: info@theHorizon.ie



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Families with more than one son participating in Horizon can apply for a special discount. Financial considerations should not prevent anyone from attending. A scholarship may be requested. For more information about scholarships please contact Stephen Doorly at info@theHorizon.ie.

Price: €160

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